WingtraOne GEN II drones are now C3 certified

09-10-2023 – Wingtra, developer of industry-leading VTOL survey and mapping drone technology, and a Wyss Zurich alumni project, announced today that its WingtraOne GEN II drone is now compliant according to C3 class requirements in accordance with the European Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 on unmanned aircraft systems.

Wingtra C3certified

For WingtraOne drones purchased from January 1, 2024, onwards, the C3 class identification allows the operator of WingtraOne GEN II to conduct flights in the open A3 category (low-risk commercial activity) within all EASA member states. All existing Wingtra customers who’ve purchased their systems before 2024 without the C3 mark can also continue to legally operate in the A3 category.

"C3 class identification is a major milestone in Wingtra’s commitment to the highest level of product quality and safety for drone operations in the European Union". -Vaibhav Sawhney, Product Manager, Wingtra