Leadership Team

The Leadership Team manages the daily business of the Wyss Zurich Translational Center. We are an interdisciplinary management team that oversees the development of the Center’s areas of activity and provides professional support for the projects.


Portrait hoerstrup 560

Simon P. Hoerstrup

Founding Co-Director

Portrait siegwart 560

Roland Siegwart

Founding Co-Director

Head Office

Portrait gayle 560

Tina Gayle

Office Management

Amanda Gogates

Amanda Gogates

Project Portfolio Management

Portrait held 560

Tiffany Held

Project Portfolio Management

Madeleine Marchand 560

Madeleine Marchand

Finance & Controlling

Portrait martini 560

Isabella Martini

Community Management

Portrait wiesel 560

Melanie Wiesel

Project Portfolio Management

Portrait gutwald 560

Cathrin Gutwald

Corporate Communications

(on leave)

Platform Leaders

Portrait bertschi 280

Stefan Bertschi

Head Robotics Technologies

Portrait kayser 560

Martin Kayser

Head Regenerative Medicine Technologies CTO / QP GMP