Seervision acquired by California-based company Q-SYS

12-06-2023 – Seervision joins forces with Q-SYS to bring together exceptional teams and expand intelligent collaboration solutions

Seervision Founders Group

"Q-SYS acquiring Seervision signifies a pivotal moment in the AV industry's evolution towards intelligent and scalable AV software platforms," said Nikos Kariotoglou, Co-Founder and CEO of Seervision. "Together with Q-SYS, we envision an ecosystem that fosters innovation and delivers novel capabilities and solutions to our diverse markets and customers. We are ready to shape the future of AV technology."

The acquisition by Q-SYS represents an exciting milestone for Seervision, as it opens up new opportunities to further expand the reach of its AI-driven camera automation software solutions, delivering innovative and transformative AV experiences to customers worldwide.