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Advanced flying robots to revolutionize work at height

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The goal of Voliro is to revolutionize work at height. The team is developing a highly advanced flying robot with capabilities exceeding those of standard service drones. This powerful flying robot can be used to inspect and maintain critical infrastructure in a high-quality, cost-effective, and time-saving manner. In addition, the team is continuously seeking to develop new capabilities for the flying robot.

Project Description

So far, flying robots have demonstrated great success in remote sensing and visual inspection tasks. However, many tasks require physical contact in difficult-to-access areas, including contact-based inspection and the painting, coating, and cleaning of elevated structures. The quadcopters that are currently on the market are incapable of executing physical work due to their design, and this is where the Voliro innovation comes in.

Voliro is developing the next generation of autonomous flying robots, an omnidirectional platform with the unique ability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment.

This expands the capabilities of service drones from “flying and seeing” to “flying, seeing, and touching.” Voliro robots are “Hands in the Sky.” This novel ability to interact with the environment through a flying platform opens the door to large markets in which construction or maintenance tasks require additional infrastructure. Such tasks include non-destructive infrastructure inspection, which often requires that a sensor be in contact with structures; the spraying of fluids to clean building facades; the cleaning of walls and windows; the painting and coating of surfaces; and even fighting fires through building windows.


Faculty Mentor

Roland Siegwart

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Partners and Funding

  • Gebert Rüf Foundation
  • Krypto Lab
  • Venture Kick
  • ESA BIC Switzerland


Wyss Zurich project complation

The project Voliro exits Wyss Zurich and continues its operations in its startup company Voliro AG

TOP 100 category Robotics winner

Voliro is the winner in the category Robotics at the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award

Voliro collaborates with Constellation Clearsight

Voliro announces long-term collaboration with Constellation Clearsight. Read more.

Sprint Robotics Fitness Challenge

Voliro is the winner of the Robotics Fitness Challenge organized by Sprint Robotics in the category of storage tank inspection

Public voting winner at the TOP 100

Voliro is the winner of the public voting at the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. Read more.

Holcim realizes world first with Voliro

The first official measurement flight campaign of voliro's drone has been successful. Read more.

Finalist at the Swiss Technology Award

Voliro is a finalist in the category «Start-ups (Rising Stars)» of the Swiss Technology Award 2020. Read more.

Voliro closes CHF 2.0 million seed round

Voliro closes CHF 2.0 million seed round led by Alpana Ventures. Read more.

Voliro wins first ConTech Startup Competition

Voliro is the winner in the category Building at the ConTech Startup Competition. Read more.

Voliro joins the InnoBooster program

In joining the program Voliro receives InnoBooster financing by the Gebert Rüf Foundation. Read more.

Voliro AG incorporation

The ETH Zurich spin-off is incorporated under the name Voliro AG.

Wyss Zurich admission

Voliro is accepted as full project at Wyss Zurich.

Voliro is among the finalists at >>Venture>>

Voliro is a finalists in the category Hardware at the >>venture>> startup competition. Read more.

Krypto Labs’ Drone Innovation Startup contest

Voliro is the winner of the Krypto Labs’ Drone Innovation Startup contest. Read more.

Founding Team

Timo mueller portrait

Timo Müller

Project Leader and Co-Founder

Marius fehr portrait

Marius Fehr

CTO and Co-Founder

Thomas schneider portrait

Thomas Schneider

Architecture Lead and Co-Founder

Anurag vempati portrait

Anurag Vempati

Testing Lead and Co-Founder

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