Sepsis is one of the global health priorities of the WHO, owing to its huge implications for health and society. If proven safe and effective, the HemoSystem could save millions of lives, reduce the suffering of those affected as well as their relatives and friends, lower direct and indirect healthcare costs, and make the healthcare system more resilient to the threat of infectious diseases and the looming antibiotic crisis. The HemoSystem could be a true game changer in treating sepsis, and potentially other diseases in the future.

Project Description

hemotune is developing the HemoSystem, a breakthrough medical device for acute-care blood purification.

The first treatment under development is designed to restore adequate immune function in septic shock. Sepsis is the most severe form of an infection in which the body's own defense reaction damages the body’s tissue and organs, leading to a life-threatening situation. The World Health Organization estimates that around 50 million people worldwide are affected by sepsis every year, causing 11 million deaths, or 20% of all global deaths.

HemoSystem consists of three components: the HemoDevice, a dialysis-machine-like device that performs the treatment; the HemoDisposable, a disposable set containing all tubing and plastic parts that come into direct contact with the blood; and the HemoSorbent, a mixture of magnetic beads – so-called HemoBeads – that are directed against multiple disease-related compounds.

While traditional blood-purification devices use non-specific dialysis filters or adsorber cartridges, the HemoSystem is based on a mixture of nanostructured magnetic beads, each of which is 300 times smaller than a red blood cell. The HemoBeads contain a magnetic core and a polymer coating that prevents unwanted interactions. They are equipped with specific binding agents that allow them to interact only with selected targets.

During treatment, patients are connected to the machine through a central catheter that pumps the blood through the HemoDevice. In the machine, the HemoSorbent is continuously applied to the blood and binds to the disease-related compounds. A magnetic filter efficiently removes beads and bound targets before the blood is returned to the patient. This direct application of a mixture of different beads is unique in that it allows for the simultaneous removal of multiple disease-related compounds, which would not be achievable using drugs.

hemotune is currently preparing a clinical trial aimed at gaining market approval of the HemoSystem for use in sepsis.


Lukas Langenegger
Project Leader

Lukas langenegger portrait

Faculty Mentor

Wendelin Stark

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Partners and Funding


  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • EU Horizon 2020
  • Eurostars/Eureka
  • Multiple Innosuisse Projects


  • Occident Group
  • Green Cross Medical Science Inc.
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • VP Venture Partners
  • Hemex
  • Private investors/Family Offices


Finalist at the Swiss Economic Award 2022

hemotune is a finalist for the Swiss Economic Award 2022. See the live pitch here.

German Innovation Award 2022

hemotune wins the German Innovation Award 2022 in the category Medical Technologies. Read more.

hemotune raises 7.25 million CHF Series B1 funding

hemotune has raised 7.25 million CHF Series B1 funding with an investment consortium. Read more.

Innosuisse Scale-up Award 2022

hemotune has qualified for the 2nd phase of the Innosuisse Scale-up Programme and receives the Innosuisse Scale-up Programme Award. Read more.

Selected for the Venture Leaders Medtech 2021

hemotune is one of the ten startups that is part of the first Venture Leaders Medtech program. Read more.

hemotune on the Cover of Forbes DACH

hemotune is Top 1 Spin-Off to watch and makes it on the Cover of Forbes DACH. Read the article.

Swiss Technology Award 2020 for hemotune

hemotune wins the Swiss Technology Award 2020 in the "Start up" category.

hemotune raises CHF 5.1 million Series A funding

The startup has closed a CHF 5.1 million Series A funding round with an investment consortium.

hemotune gets supported by the EIT Health

hemotune among 11 startups supported by the EIT health Start-up Rescue Instrument.

hemotune receives grant from Innosuisse

hemotune receives an Innosuisse grant worth CHF 580’000.

Finalist of the De Vigier Award 2018

hemotune is among the 10 finalists of the prestigious De Vigier Award. 

hemotune AG incorporation

The ETH Zurich spin-off hemotune is incorporated. 

hemotune wins Venture Kick

hemotune wins Venture Kick Stage 3 support.

Wyss Zurich Admission

hemotune is accepted as a full project.

Gebert Rüf Stiftung support

hemotune receives support by the Gebert Rüf foundation.

hemotune in the TOP2 of Venture Idea 2016

hemotune is the winner in the category Health & Nutrition at the Venture Idea 2016.

Core Team

Lukas langenegger portrait

Lukas Langenegger

Project Leader & Co-Founder

Carlos mora portrait

Carlos Mora

Project Manager Preclinical & Co-Founder

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