hemotune raises CHF 14 million Series B2 funding for clinical trials with the HemoSystem

25-03-2024 – Our alumni project, hemotune, announced today the the successful closing of a CHF 14 million Series B2 round dedicated to advancing its HemoSystem, a breakthrough blood purification platform based on nanoengineered magnetic beads. (Photo Credit: hemotune AG)

Hemotune 14m

The investment was led by Belmondo with continued support of existing investors including VP Venture Partners, HEMEX, OCCIDENT, Zürcher Kantonalbank, and joined by EFI.

The Series B2 funding round represents a significant step forward for hemotune, following the successful completion of preclinical development for their HemoSystem blood purification platform. This substantial investment will now allow the platform to move into clinical trials, marking a crucial phase in its development.

The HemoSystem stands out for its ability to effectively remove large biomolecules directly from patients' bloodstreams, offering a unique approach to implement precision medicine multi-target treatments which would not be possible through drugs. Initially focusing on treating sepsis-related immune suppression, hemotune also plans to explore other potential uses for the platform in the future. Given the serious impact of sepsis, which leads to around 11 million deaths annually and is a major economic burden, the potential benefits of this innovative technology are significant for patients and healthcare systems alike.

Lukas Langenegger, CEO and co-founder of hemotune AG, states: "I am immensely proud of our team’s achievements in concluding the preclinical development of the HemoSystem. As we navigate through a challenging fundraising climate, the success of our Series B2 funding round underscores not only the potential of our innovative blood purification platform but also the confidence our backers have in our team and vision to revolutionize medical treatment."