Reconstructive skin surgery: positive Phase 2 interim analysis on efficacy for denovoSkin™ in pediatric, adolescent and adult patients

09-07-2024 – Our alumni project, denovoSkin (aka CUTISS), has announced positive interim analysis on efficacy from the Phase 2 clinical trial of its lead product denovoSkin™ in patients undergoing reconstructive skin surgery due to various conditions. (Image credit: CUTISS AG)

Image CUTISS Reconstructive Phase 2 interim analysis web 09 07 2024

Dr. Daniela Marino, CEO of CUTISS, said: “We are thrilled with this first positive assessment of efficacy from the Phase 2 trial in reconstructive surgery. These results confirm CUTISS’s mission to provide access to denovoSkin™ beyond burns, improve patient outcomes, and change the status quo in skin surgery.”

The Phase 2 full data analysis with the one year follow up will be available in early 2025. A total of 23 patients are included in this multicentric trial. The trial focuses on conditions that necessitate skin grafts (scars, traumatic injuries, congenital defects, surgical excisions, etc), aiming to provide solutions that reduce scarring and improve healing outcomes.