The team aims to provide patients who suffer from large and deep skin defects with the first personalized and automated skin tissue therapy that is safe, effective, and accessible for children and adults.

Project Description

After suffering a severe wound, human skin fails to regenerate and physiologically heals by scar formation. Worldwide, millions of people suffer from severe skin defects or diseases requiring surgical interventions to restore skin function.

Existing therapies frequently leave these patients with permanent, painful, disfiguring, and debilitating scars. Scars may impair movement and growth, and often require several follow-up surgeries, intense homecare, and psychosocial rehabilitation. Severe skin defects significantly affect quality of life in the long term and place an economic burden on the healthcare system. Human skin is composed of the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The components of the dermis control and regulate scarring. Today’s standard of care consists in harvesting a thin layer of the patient’s healthy skin, which contains the epidermis but only remnants of the dermis. Since there is a lack of sufficient dermis significant dermis is missing, these grafts often develop into scars. Furthermore, in severe cases, in which most of the skin has been destroyed (e.g., severe burns), the shortage of healthy skin that can be harvested to cover the wounds presents a real clinical challenge.

In 2001 a team of University Children’s Hospital Zurich, led by Prof. M. Meuli, M.D., and Prof. E. Reichmann, M.D., pursued the vision of bio-engineering personalized dermo-epidermal skin grafts, using a small sample of patients’ own skin. One of the products they developed, denovoSkin, which is now in further development by CUTISS AG, is the result of more than fifteen years of research.

The project, led by Daniela Marino and Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch, evolved from a promising research project of the University of Zurich and University Children's Hospital Zurich into the successful startup CUTISS AG, which has gained international recognition.


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Faculty Mentor

Martin Meuli

Portrait denovo Skin mentor meuli 280

Faculty Mentor

Ernst Reichmann

Portrait denovo Skin mentor reichmann 264

Partners and Funding

Investors that participated in the series A and series B financing round included, among others:

  • Giammaria Giuliani of Giuliani Pharma,
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank,
  • Yellowstone Holding;

  • EU Horizon 2020
  • Innosuisse

  • Tissue Biology Research Unit, University of Zurich
  • University Children’s Hospital Zurich


Phase II clinical trial recruitment complete

CUTISS AG announces completion of its Phase II clinical trial patient recruitment. Read more.

Won Swiss Accelerator

Awarded the Swiss Accelerator from Innosuisse as a transitional measure for Horizon Europe. Read more.

Phase II clinical trial conclusion

CUTISS AG announces positive clinical trial results.  Read more.

Wyss Zurich project completion

The project denovoSkin exits Wyss Zurich and continues operations in its startup company CUTISS AG.

CUTISS opens subsidiary in France

The new subsidiary, CUTISS Innovation, will open in Europe’s leading technology park in France.

CUTISS is 2nd in TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award

The second place at the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2021 goes to denovoskin's startup CUTISS.

CUTISS wins Top 100 Swiss Startup Award

CUTISS wins the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award 2020, granted by a jury of 100 leading startup experts and investors.

CUTISS closes series B funding round

The startup company successfully closed its series B financing round. The fundraising aiming at CHF 20 million was eventually oversubscribed.

Swiss Technology Award 2019 for CUTISS

CUTISS receives the prestigious Swiss Technology Award in the category Start-ups.

CUTISS raises CHF 7.2 million in Series A funding

CUTISS raises CHF 7.2 in a Series A financing round led by Giammaria Giuliani.

CUTISS AG raises CHF 1 Mio. in seed financing

The funds raised with UZH Life Sciences Fund investor will be used to launch the development of the automation of the production process for denovoSkin™.

W.A. De Vigier Award 2017 for CUTISS

CUTISS AG wins prestigious W.A. De Vigier Award 2017 and Audience Award.

CUTISS AG incorporation

The UZH spin-off denovoSkin is incorporated under the name CUTISS AG. 

Wyss Zurich admission

denovoSkin is accepted as full project at Wyss Zurich.

Founding Team

Daniela marino portrait

Daniela Marino

Co-Founder & CEO

Fabienne hartmann fritsch portrait

Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch

Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

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