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Enable barrier-free underwater work

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Tethys Robotics is developing a compact and autonomous underwater drone to enable end-to-end inspection or survey in turbid and rough waters.

Project Description

Today, human divers play a crucial role in various underwater operations to conduct inspections and interventions despite facing serious or lethal risks, especially in rough waters. While robotic solutions exist, they either lack robustness in relevant metrics required for rough waters or require cost-intensive, polluting vessels and infrastructure.

In response to this challenging need, Tethys is developing the world’s only compact underwater drone capable of autonomous mapping and survey even in strong water flows and poor visibility, finally enabling robotic automation in all waters. With their complex but highly modular underwater drone, they can offer autonomous inspections and produce high resolution 3D models of submerged infrastructure. In addition, the underwater drone supports physical interactions with the environment.

The novel ability to deploy compact robotic systems that perform far beyond today's capabilities in poor marine environments makes it possible to streamline inspections and predictive maintenance of critical infrastructures, to reduce costs and personnel demands, and, most importantly, to protect divers in life-threatening situations.


Jonas Wüst
Project Leader


Faculty Mentor

Roland Siegwart
Faculty Mentor

Portrait siegwart 560

Partners and Funding

  • ETH Student Project House
  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Foundation Alcea
  • Venture Kick


Wyss Zurich admission

Tethys is accepted as full project at Wyss Zurich.

ETH Pioneer Fellowship

Jonas and Pragash accepted into the ETH Pioneer Fellowship program.

Core Team


Jonas Wüst

Project Leader


Pragash Sivananthaguru

Operations Lead


Johannes Lienhart

Technical Lead


Andrej Studer

Robotics Engineer


Florin Kümin

Robotics Engineer


Bastian Schildknecht

Software Engineer


Gallus Kaufmann

Electrical Engineer

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