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Unlocking the matrix barrier in fibrotic diseases

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We are developing novel peptide drug conjugates specifically designed to target the fibrotic matrix. Our approach empowers us to map and target this untapped territory, intervening at an upstream node to potentially arrest fibrotic progression.

Project Description

Fibrosis represents a significant unmet medical challenge, contributing to over 45% of deaths in the developed world. While current treatments offer some relief by slowing down progression, they fall short of halting or reversing fibrosis and often lead to adverse effects, undermining patient compliance. The excessive and mechanically aberrant extracellular matrix (matrix) serves as a crucial driver of fibrotic progression, yet targeting it safely poses a considerable challenge.

Our immediate goal is to generate preclinical efficacy in mouse and human translational models of lung fibrosis to progress towards nominating a lead candidate for optimization and Investigational New Drug (IND) enabling studies. The outcome of the targeted efficacy in lung fibrosis together with the positive proof-of-concept of the Matrix Targeting Technology in multiple fibrotic disease models would enable expansion of the program into other fibrotic diseases. Our unique approach unlocks the previously inaccessible fibrotic matrix to potentially halt fibrotic progression with minimal systemic toxicity.

The opportunity to safely target the matrix with peptides capable of navigating the dense stromal barrier, easily engineered, and scalable holds promise for impacting various fibrotic organ diseases and fibrotic cancers that have proven intractable to existing treatments.


Portrait Mamta Chabria

Faculty Mentor

Viola Vogel

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Partners and Funding

Project Partners:

  • ETH Zürich
  • Paul Scherrer Institute
  • ETH Pioneer Fellowship
  • Innosuisse Innovation Projects
  • Venture Kick


Wyss Zurich admission

Tandem is accepted as full project at Wyss Zurich.

Venture Kick Winner 2023

Awarded CHF 150,000 by the Venture Kick jury to develop its novel solution for the treatment of fibrotic cancers and fibrosis. Read more.

Core Team

Portrait Mamta Chabria

Mamta Chabria

Project Leader

Portrait Wanja Staubli

Wanja Staubli

Research Associate

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