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A modular system of application-specific prosthetic hands

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SwissProsthetics has developed a robust, reliable, and affordable modular prosthetic solution that enables patients to participate in a variety of activities, such as biking and skiing, with minimal restrictions.

Project Description

People suffering from forearm loss or upper amelia (congenital absence of a limb) are restricted in the types of activities they can engage in. To address their specific needs, SwissProsthetics has designed prosthetic hand modules for participating in various activities. It has developed and successfully tested solutions for cycling, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and playing tennis, among others. The hand modules are connected to an adaptive shaft by a quick-release coupling system that makes it possible to attach and release the prosthetic modules quickly and reliably. The range of applications has been continuously modified and expanded.

The project was launched as a two-year cooperative venture between and the Institute of Mechatronic Systems at ZHAW in Winterthur. At Wyss Zurich, the project team carried out the process steps required for market entry in close collaboration with the project’s initiator and mentor, Professor Andreas Trojan, MD. The project team completed various user testing series, developed the prosthetic device as a medical device class 1 product, implemented a user-centric design approach by soliciting regular user feedback, and created an online configurator for a personalized shaft system.

The project was originally intended to continue independently of Wyss Zurich, but unfortunately that was not possible.

Partners and Funding

  • foundation
  • Béatrice Ederer-Weber Stiftung
  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Innosuisse
  • Michel Fornasier Charity "Give Children a Hand"
  • MyHandicap foundation
  • Venture
  • Venture Kick


Wyss Zurich project completion

The Associate project SwissProsthetics exits Wyss Zurich. 

SwissProsthetics joins the InnoBooster program

In joining the program SwissProsthetics receives InnoBooser financing by the Gebert Rüf Foundation. Read more.

Finalists of the SEIF Awards 2019

SwissProsthetics is among the ten finalists of the SEIF Awards 2019. Read more.

Public Award of >>venture>> competition

SwissProsthetics wins the Public Award of the >>venture>> competition. Read more.

Admission Wyss Zurich

SwissProsthetics is accepted as an Associate project at Wyss Zurich.

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