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Train a Robot. Learn Science.

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The Rosie team is committed to delivering effective educational technology that inspires a lifelong passion for science.

Project Description

Rosie is a curious robot from a distant galaxy that has crash-landed on our planet. Children are encouraged to teach Rosie about life on Earth.

The Rosie Project is an educational initiative, prompted by the team’s conviction that exceptional science education should be accessible to all. Its mission is to provide effective educational technology that inspires a lifelong passion for science.

The Rosie team has developed an educational, technology-based product for children ages 8 and up. Co-creation is what drives this innovation: Workshops are conducted in collaboration with schools, universities, and businesses, which allows children, parents, and educators to be involved throughout development. The workshops explore smartphone technologies, including sensors and augmented reality.

The first product was an educational app. It followed the story of Rosie the Robot while transforming users’ smartphones into accessible science labs. Children taught Rosie by conducting smartphone-based science experiments in the real world.

The startup RosieReality, of the Wyss Zurich project Rosie ceased operations in the summer of 2020 when it sold off its assets to a third party in California’s Bay Area.

Partners and Funding

  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Autonomous Systems Lab ETH Zurich
  • Venture Kick
  • Redalpine


Rosie selected for Apple Arcade

Apple selects RosieReality for new subscription service Apple Arcade. Read more.

Rosie closes seed round

The startup closes their seed round led by Redalpine and joined by Mattias Ljungman, Siraj Khaliq, and Chemolio. Read more.

Wyss Zurich project completion

The project Rosie exits Wyss Zurich and continues operations in the startup company RosieReality GmbH. 

Pre-seed funds for Rosie

Rosie closes a pre-seed round to further exploit AR’s potential in education. Read more.

RosieReality GmbH incorporation

The ETH Zurich spin-off is incorporated under the name RosieReality GmbH.

Rosie joins the Kickstart Accelerator program

The project Rosie participates in the Kickstart Accelerator program. Read more.

Wyss Zurich Admission

Rosie is accepted as an Associate project at Wyss Zurich.

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