mint & pepper awakens children's interest early on and boosts teenagers’ enthusiasm for apprenticeships, research, and professional careers in STEM fields, referred to as MINT fields in German. Outstanding talent should be recognized early on and nourished, encouraging outstanding young people to develop their talents and pursue careers in these fields.

Project Description

mint & pepper aims to inspire kids and teenagers for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), life sciences and entrepreneurial topics, to make them ready for the future, but also to strengthen the innovation location Switzerland.

In practical mint & pepper workshops, children and young people learn to better understand our technological world. The offerings give them profound insights into new technologies. They discover STEM and their individual strengths in very practical applications, develop solutions for real life challenges and - broaden their horizons for training and career choices. In keeping with Switzerland’s “Lehrplan 21” curriculum project and the latest research on teaching and learning research, mint & pepper develops modules and workshops for the upper primary school level and secondary school levels I and II.

mint & pepper has also expanded its portfolio of workshops to include so-called education services. Partners can thus be supported in the development and expansion of engineering and concept development for the promotion of young talent, for example, mint & pepper developed the CYBATHLON-@school modules for the CYBATHLON of the ETH Zurich.

With the launch of the talent program Wyss Zurich BioSTARS program in 2023, mint & pepper also offers special insights into life sciences and entrepreneurship in addition to STEM topics. The program aims at talented and life science enthusiastic teenagers from 16 years on in order to nourish and accompany them on their educational path.


Hanna Behles
Project Leader

Hanna behles

Faculty Mentor

Stefan Bertschi

Portrait bertschi 280

Partners and Funding

  • ETH Zurich 
  • University of Zurich 
  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Swisscom
  • ABB
  • Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich
  • SATW
  • Digital Switzerland Next Generation
  • IngCH
  • Startbahn29
  • Achtung Technik Los!
  • gotec!
  • Swiss Space Museum
  • Treffpunkt Science City 
  • EPFL
  • Produktentwicklungsgruppe Zürich (pdz)
  • PH Bern
  • Oculus
  • Nanoleaf
  • Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz


BioSTARS Program Launched

20 young people from the age of 16 participated in the new and unique talent program Wyss Zurich BioSTARS. Read more.

First Wyss Zurich Workshop

Together with Wyss Zurich mint & pepper launches the first Wyss Zurich Workshop for school class of the secondary level I and II. Read more.

Development of The Magic Cube

Development of the Magic Cube together with the ETH Zurich Dept. of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

Development of CYBATHLON@school

A program that raises awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities and that promotes inclusion.

Wyss Zurich admission

mint & pepper is accepted as an Outreach project at Wyss Zurich.

Core Team

Hanna behles

Hanna Behles

Project Leader

Leonie beeli portrait

Leonie Beeli

Project Manager Didactics

Portrait Tiziana Borghesi

Tiziana Borghesi

Project Coordinator

Carolin Fleck portrait

Carolin Fleck

Project and Communications Manager

Portrait Hanna Grothe

Hanna Grothe

Project Support

Portrait Geraldine Heuer

Géraldine Heuer

Project Support

Yanis Kälin portrait

Yanis Kälin

Project Support

Portrait Armando Wehrli

Armando Wehrli

Project Manager Engineering

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