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Automating industrial inspection & maintenance with autonomous robots

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This robotics technology for industrial inspection and maintenance has the potential to scale up and benefit over 150,000 industrial sites in the energy, oil and gas, industrial processing, mining, and construction sectors world-wide.

Project Description

The team develops robotic inspection solutions that improve workers' lives, increase productivity, and support more sustainable plants in the energy, chemical, oil and gas, mining, and construction industries.

Industrial operations still rely on the continuous physical presence of humans despite a shortage of qualified workers, productivity limitations, and persistent workplace accidents. In the EU alone, there will be a shortage of 1.5 million plant operators by 2030 owing to retirement. Furthermore, plant downtime accounts for $270 billion in productivity losses annually caused by unplanned shutdowns. In contrast to machines, which are able to detect early indications of problems in heat and vibration patterns, human senses and cognition are often incapable of recognizing problems at an early stage. Moreover, human error remains the primary cause of workplace accidents that too often lead to devastating damage to humans and the environment.

The next generation of AI-powered, agile robots will make it possible to transition from human-centric to autonomous operation. With this technology, plant operators can automate repetitive inspection and maintenance tasks and avoid exposing their staff to unpleasant and potentially dangerous environments. Equipped with sensitive sensors, robotic co-workers provide reliable and accurate insights into the health of equipment and infrastructure to maximize plant availability. Compared with fixed installed IoT devices, a mobile sensing platform provides complete coverage of an entire plant, making it possible to detect problems beyond the capabilities of stationary sensors.

ANYbotics offers the world's most advanced robotic inspection solutions through two distinct platforms: ANYmal, an industrial-grade, safety-certified autonomous robot, and ANYmal X, the world's only legged robot with Ex certification for all oil & gas and chemicals applications. Both platforms are IP67-rated for water and dust protection and feature advanced mobility, built-in edge computing, 360° perception, fused-sensor autonomy, automatic docking for recharging, and desktop and mobile interfaces for inspection planning and robot control.


Faculty Mentor

Marco Hutter

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Faculty Mentor

Roland Siegwart

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Partners and Funding

  • ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland
  • Innosuisse
  • Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • Swisscom Ventures
  • Ace & Company
  • EquityPitcher Ventures


Winner "Next Global Hot Thing"

ANYbotics wins "Next Global Hot Thing" at the Digital Economy Awards 2023. Read more.

Series B funding

Secures USD 50m in Series B Funding. Read more.

Participates in the Innosuisse Scale-up program

ANYbotics is selected to participate in the Innosuisse Scale-up program. Read more.

DARPA SubT Challenge

Winner of the World’s Hardest Robotics Challenge builds on ANYmal.

Series A financing round

ANYbotics announces CHF 20 million Series A financing round.

ANYbotics wins the Swiss Economic Award 2020

ANYbotics is the winner in the category Hightech/Biotech of the Swiss Economic Award.

Wyss Zurich project completion

The project ANYmotion exits Wyss Zurich and continues operations in its startup company ANYbotics AG.

Successful ARGOS Challenge Completion

ANYmal has proven its endurance and robustness by continuous multi-hour operation even under heavy water impact and occasional falls.

ANYbotics AG incorporation

The ETH Zurich spin-off ANYbotics is incorporated.

Wyss Zurich Admission

ANYmotion is accepted as a full project.

Founding Team


Péter Fankhauser

Co-Founder & CEO


Hanspeter Fässler

Co-Founder & Chairman

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