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Gene therapy solutions for patients with severe inherited diseases

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Somagenetix is seeking to develop a treatment that allows for the isolation of patient stem cells from bone marrow, the addition of a therapeutic gene using lentiviral vectors to compensate for a congenital gene defect, and transplantation of the gene-corrected cells back into the patient.

Project Description

Gene therapy is a promising field in medicine that is experiencing unprecedented dynamic development. Unlike the majority of drugs on the market, which merely treat symptoms, this approach attempts to correct the underlying genetic cause of a disease and thereby cure patients. Somagenetix seeks to harness the power of gene therapy to develop treatments for life-threatening diseases.

The first aim is to address an inborn immunodeficiency of phagocytes, which can lead to life‐threatening bacterial and fungal infections as well as to hyperinflammation. Life expectancy in affected children and young adults is compromised, and the disease burden is high. To date, the only curative option is to transplant blood-building stem cells from donors. In the absence of a compatible donor, the patient’s own stem cells can be gene corrected. Somagenetix is developing a treatment that comprises isolation of patient stem cells from bone marrow, the addition of a therapeutic gene using lentiviral vectors to compensate for the inborn genetic defect, and transplantation of gene-corrected cells back into the patient.

In later phases, the aim would be to apply this platform technology to cure other monogenetic defects found in various diseases of the immune system, as well as in other fields of medicine.


Dominik Wrona
Project Leader

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Faculty Mentor

Janine Reichenbach

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Partners and Funding

  • Uniscientia Stiftung, CRPP
  • ImmuGene (MeF of UZH)


GLP studies start

GLP studies start

Wyss Zurich admission

Somagenetix is accepted as full project at Wyss Zurich.

Somagenetix AG incorporation

The UZH spin-off is incorporated under the name Somagenetix AG. 

Core Team

Dominik wrona portraits

Dominik Wrona

Project Leader

Stacy duarte portrait

Stacy Duarte

Production Operator

Oleksandr pastukhov portrait

Oleksandr Pastukhov

Technical Project Manager and Production Team Leader

Panagiotis tsapogas portrait

Panagiotis Tsapogas

Preclinical Project Manager

Ulrich siler portrait

Ulrich Siler


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