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Brain oxygen measurement for preterm infants

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While modern medicine has enabled more premature infants to survive, the ultimate goal is more healthy survivors. Achieving this goal would greatly improve quality of life and drastically reduce healthcare costs by avoiding lifelong consequences. OxyPrem, a specialized, high-tech medical device, has the potential to play a significant role in making this a reality.

Project Description

Preterm birth and its direct consequences are the leading cause of death for children under five years of age worldwide. Fifteen million infants are born prematurely every year, and about one million deaths are associated with prematurity. Societies around the globe are addressing this problem.

OxyPrem 1.4 is a next-generation medical device that monitors brain oxygen levels of preterm infants in real time, using harmless, non-invasive near-infrared light. It continuously measures local oxygenation with the precision and accuracy that are needed to assist in clinical decision-making for these high-risk patients.

OxyPrem is reusable and sturdy, offering a feasible solution even for challenging environments. The team is working towards making the device fully compatible with standard hospital monitors. At Wyss Zurich, OxyPrem was introduced to clinical care on a wider scale; 30 hospitals in six European countries have been using OxyPrem to date as part of a large-scale multicenter clinical study that is accelerating the medical community’s efforts to make brain oxygen measurement a standard component of clinical care.


Oxyprem AG
+41 76 263 87 31

Faculty Mentor

Martin Wolf

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Partners and Funding

  • UZH BioEntrepreneur Fellowship Program
  • Uniscientia Foundation
  • Venture Kick
  • Venturelab
  • The European Union
  • SERI-funded EIC Accelerator grant


Wyss Zurich project completion

The project OxyPrem exits Wyss Zurich and continues operations in its startup company OxyPrem AG.

OxyPrem obtains CHF 2.2 million grant

The startup receives a ‘SERI-funded EIC Accelerator Grant’ from the federal government. Read more.

Selected for first Africa Market Discovery program

Venturelab has selected OxyPrem among ten startups to participate in the first online Africa Market Discovery program. Read more.

Oxyprem obtains CE mark

The project's OxyPrem 1.4 tissue oximeter system obtains the CE mark.

Venture Kick stage 3 support for OxyPrem

The project receives the Venture Kick final support for the further development of its device. Read more

Wyss Zurich admission

OxyPrem is accepted as a full project. 

OxyPrem AG incorporation

The UZH spin-off OxyPrem is incorporated.

Core Team

Stefan kleiser portrait

Stefan Kleiser

Co-Project Leader R&D, Co-Founder

Alexander nitsch portrait

Alexander Nitsch

Co-Project Leader Business, Co-Founder

Daniel ostojic portrait

Daniel Ostojic

Product Engineer & Risk Manager, Co-Founder

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