Swisspreneur Podcast - Ana Montalban-Arques: Treating Cancer with Bacteria

29-02-2024 – Ana Montalban-Arques⁠ is co-founder and CEO of ⁠Recolony⁠, a biotech startup developing a bacteria-based oral therapy to treat cancer.

Recolony Swisspreneur Podcast

In the past few years, scientists have been made aware of the extent to which our gut microbiome influences our health. Considering we’ve been evolving alongside these bacterias for thousands upon thousands of years, it can be safely said that we’ve developed a symbiotic bond: the state of our microbiome influences our immune system and can even cause (or prevent) certain inflammatory diseases.

Recolony’s team took this research one step further when they found a deficiency in a certain type of bacteria in colorectal cancer patients, and hypothesized whether providing patients with the missing bacteria could help treat their disease.

The podcast first appeared on Swisspreneur.